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Equipped with the latest innovation in computer controlled lens production equipment with automatic loading, lathing, turning and milling in one machine for high precision output. This equipment is the industry’s latest version of automatic equipment having the most comprehensive software which is the first of its kind in the world.


Having alliance with leading IOL design experts and medical research teams, the laboratory is in tune with the latest trend in IOL designs which are proven for its superior stability in the eye and accurate visual outcome for the patient. To cater to needs of different surgeons, the product line includes a range of IOL designs and supplementary products.

Adherence to the Highest Quality Standards is a consistent feature - FH IOL Lab was the first IOL manufacturer of Southeast Asia to have received the CE mark in. The focus has always been on producing an extremely safe product

FH IOL Lab has exported its products world-wide to over 30 countries in Asia, Australia, South Pacific, Africa, and South America.